An Intimate Ceremony

Sharing the celebration of a wedding is an important step in life, but not everyone wants to share it with several hundred of their closest friends and relatives. Eloping is not always an option for those who want a small wedding, but an intimate ceremony is a possibility. It gives the couple an opportunity to share their love and commitment with those dearest to them, but it leaves out the endless guest list and arrangements they might otherwise have to go through. They can still have a beautiful wedding and reception, but it will be less costly and much more personal.

A Chapel Wedding

The idea of filling a huge church of cathedral with guests for a single wedding amazes some people, and they feel a ceremony of that neighbour does not honour their idea of an event shared with loved ones. While they might still have plenty of guests they want to invite, large numbers are not a necessity. They want only those who have shared in their love and relationship to be with them on their special day, so they might even have a non-traditional wedding entertainer such as a wedding saxophonist playing as they say their vows in a chapel wedding meant just for those closest to them.

A Drinks Reception

One of the more traditional aspects of many family weddings is to invite everyone for a meal after the religious ceremony, but those hosting a smaller wedding might instead choose to have a drinks reception. There will be snacks and beverages available to the guests, and entertainment will be part of the provisions. Instead of hosting a full band, the couple could choose light background music to enhance the atmosphere.

Personal Time

For couples sharing their special day only with those closest, their goal is to actually share personal time with each guest. They want their memorable day to have meaning they share with each person, but it does not mean they believe a large wedding is not personal. Their own feelings on the matter are that they can intermingle quickly with lots of people, or they can make individual memories with those they have known for years. The latter option is the one they have chosen as a couple, and many of them will cherish their own memories of that day for the rest of their lives.

Small weddings have actually gone out of fashion for many couples today, but there are still those who want only a few people with them on their wedding day. They have many of the same amenities as the large weddings, but they are able to spend quality time with each guest in attendance. The couple is building their own set of memories with loved ones as they use each precious moment to share their love and happiness with others. The goal of a smaller wedding might be a lesser cost, but it pays back to the couple in a larger set of personal interactions and memories.