Capturing the Beauty

It has been said that a woman is always at her most beautiful when she is a bride, and the groom is always a handsome fellow. For those who love the joy a wedding brings to the couple, capturing the beauty of the couple and their day is an important aspect of any wedding. Everyone will remember the hilarious moments, and the things that go wrong with be easy to recall. The luminous look of the bride, the awe and pride on the groom’s face, and the joyful smiles of their loved ones will need a bit more to help people remember just how stunning they were.

Standing at the altar

Wedding guests often remember how stately and perfect the bride looked as she floated down the aisle to her groom, but few of them remember to take a look at him standing at the altar. His love for the woman he will spend the rest of his life with shines through at that time, and the relief she is finally on her way to him is enormous. Capturing that look is best done by a professional who knows their business, and Nicola has years of experience taking pictures of every member of the wedding party at just the right moment.

The first dance

The reception is where much of the action takes place that is not necessarily centred on the bride and groom, and there are many opportunities for a wedding photographer Birmingham to tell the stories that go along with the happy couple’s union. It is often a bittersweet moment when the first dance of the bride and her father begins because he knows he has given her hand in marriage to another man who is expected to cherish her as much as he has throughout the years. It is a time of giving, but he must give the daughter he has raised away to another.

Making memories together

The bride and groom are the central focus of the day, but their attendants are often close friends and family members. They share the joy of those they love, and they do their best to make the day easy and memorable. Posing for photos that show their sense of whimsy and humour is just part of what the photos of the day will capture. They will also show the formal and serious side, but not album would be complete if that was all it depicted. Formal weddings should have their happy side showing, and it is generally in the photos where the bride and groom see it. Choosing a professional photographer Birmingham is essential.

The wedding day is often chaotic for the couple getting married, and time can seem to slip through their hands like water from a strong faucet. Their memories of the day will be of each other, but they will also harbour many times when they had a special moment with a friend or family member. The hilarious moments of their attendants and friends will likely pass to quick for them to see, but they can enjoy them in the wedding album far into their happy future.